Advanced In-House Production Cycle for Web Management Needs
We specialize in developing and applying cutting-edge integrated CMS platforms, products, and tools for online content management, editing, monitoring, and support. Our servers host various web business platforms: social networking sites, blogs, e-commerce portals, online stores, forums etc.

Who We Are

Let’s take a brief look at who we are. Howlogic Kft. is a full-service Internet facility dedicated to in-house product development in the world of web management.

Our company deals with almost everything in this sphere: content creation and design, website and forum development (including but not limited to social networking sites), traffic acquisition, support and maintenance, and all other important related things.

Our qualified specialists and full cycle product development infrastructure help us build high-quality online money-making platforms from the scratch. Everything that’s of strategic importance to successful online business, we’ve got it covered: sophisticated technologies, solutions, tools, a professional marketing team that provides traffic within the framework of your business plan and, of course, a willingness to cooperate with you.

Why Us

Cooperation with us will allow you to:
  • Invest in solid business platform development to meet all the required quality and security standards
  • Ensure coherent development and implementation of any web platform
  • Obtain and keep at hand everything you need for successful project management
  • Make twice as much profit while being two steps ahead of your competitors
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    What We Do

    CMS Development & Support

    An effective database-driven content management system is an integral component of any custom website. We develop, design, and apply any functions we need for our business platforms, making our websites user-friendly and optimized. Our support team works 24/7 and helps us deal with any issues that may arise.

    E-commerce Portals & Online Stores

    E-commerce websites and online stores have tremendous scope nowadays. They are accessible across the globe, which makes them a very lucrative source of profit for us. In creating online portals with a full range of opportunities for e-commerce purposes, we only apply optimal solutions.

    Blog Installation Cycle

    Our blog platforms used for business must pass through the complete cycle of installation and setup, with all the necessary plugins and functions applied through professionally designed templates. To be frank, we’re the best at creating, installing, and setting up blogs for any purpose.

    Social Networking Sites

    We own and profit from several custom social networking services and online business communities. Our ready-made solutions for social networking websites allow us to create site content, design and branding, as well as provide hosting, updates and support.

    Business Websites

    Our business and corporate websites are compatible with social media networks and are based on fully customizable HTML5 responsive templates. That’s why no matter what kind of business project we want to start online, our development team can create the website we need.

    Forum Development

    There’s no need for us to look elsewhere for a trustworthy forum-builder. Our in-house development production scheme provides the full set of online forum development-related services. We host forum websites that are also part of our online business strategy.

    Web Content Management System (WCMS)

    Our content management team has all the necessary tools for website authoring, editing, and administration. Easy access control and automated templates make it simple for us to control web content. Our software solutions also allow web content updates and security backups on a regular basis.

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